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Enable the Participant List Table
Administrators can configure Windchill to display the Participant List table for specific types of change tasks.
1. Use the xconfmanager utility to edit site.xconf.
For information on using the xconfmanager utility, see About the xconfmanager Utility.
2. Add the following property:
<Property name="wt.change2.changetask.MultipleParticipantsSelection" overridable="true" targetFile="codebase/" value="<changetask>"/>
where <changetask> is the internal change task name.
3. Save the file.
4. Propagate your changes using the xconfmanager utility. From the <Windchill>\bin directory, enter the following command:
xconfmanager -pF
5. Restart the method server.
For example, to display the Participant List table for the following change tasks:
Enter the following command:
<Property name="wt.change2.changetask.MultipleParticipantsSelection" overridable="true" targetFile="codebase/" value="custom.path.CustomSubChangeTask1,custom.path.CustomSubChangeTask2"/>