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Previewing Mass Change Operations
The second step in the Perform Mass Change window is to preview the mass change that you have defined. This step indicates the action that is going to occur and presents an Object List table to allow you to preview the change.
The table displays all objects that are eligible as well as excluded from the mass change operation. Excluded objects are displayed with a strikethrough. Also, the remove icon is replaced with a strikethrough action. For more information, see Publishing Mass Changes to CAD.
The only action you can take on this step is to remove objects from the table. To manually remove an object from the particular mass change operation, select the object and click the remove icon .
The following columns appear in the Object List table.
The number for the assembly to be changed.
The version of the assembly.
The name of the assembly.
The current position of the assembly in the life cycle process.
The name of the context, such as product or library, in which the assembly is stored.
Exclusion Message
The reason an object was excluded from the mass change operation.
After clicking Finish, the objects specified in the Object List table that you did not manually exclude are updated according to the operation.