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About Mass Change Operations
Use mass change operations to modify multiple parts in a single action. The mass change operation is typically used in conjunction with a change notice as part of the work conducted during the authoring of a change task.
Certain part objects may be excluded based on the action you have selected. The following lists reasons for exclusion.
The part is checked out by another user.
You do not have permission to check out the selected object.
The part is checked out to a project.
The object is not a part.
The parts have active links.
If Windchill MPMLink is installed, the part is a manufacturing resource.
You tried to manipulate a part that is not in the structure of the selected objects.
You cannot insert an existing part that is one of the selected objects.
If there are invalid objects, a warning or informational message displays in the Preview Mass Change step. If the number of invalid objects is less than or equal to 10, the invalid objects are listed. If there are more than 10, the message does not list the objects, but displays how many objects were excluded.