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Mass Change Operation—Inserting an Existing Part
To insert a part usage to an existing part into one or more assemblies, use the following procedure:
1. From the Resulting Objects table of a change task, select the objects you want to modify.
2. Click the mass change icon to invoke the update.
3. Select Insert Existing Part.
4. If you enter a value in the Current View field, you further constrain the insertion operation to parts in the specified product structure view. Optionally, you can click the find icon to open the Find View window and search for the part structure view. If you do not enter a current view, all parts with the specified current part number will be inserted.
5. In the Existing Part Number field, enter the part number of the existing part you want to insert. After typing at least three characters in this field, a list appears with one or more values that match the number. When you select a value from the list, this value is used as the part number. Optionally, you can click the find icon to open the Find Part window and search for the part.
6. Enter the quantity of parts to insert in the Quantity field.
7. The Unit field is populated with the default value. If you want to change the unit, select a new value from the drop-down list.
8. The Find Number and Line Number fields allow you to assign values for identification.
9. The Automatically check in successfully modified objects checkbox is selected by default. Clear the checkbox only if you do not want your modified objects checked in.
10. Click Next to preview the change. The window displays an message to tell you the action that will take place. The assemblies that are modified by the insertion display in the Object List table.
11. Click Finish. The system automatically checks out the assemblies and inserts the existing part with usage attributes you specified.
The following fields are available for inserting an existing part:
Field Name
Current View
The product structure view in which you want changes made.
Existing Part Number
The number of the part to use for the insert existing part operation.
The quantity of the part you want to insert.
The unit of measure used in the part usage. The unit reflects the default unit of the part to be inserted.
Find Number
Often used to differentiate between instances of a part usage within an assembly.
Line Number
Often used to position instances of a part usage within an assembly.
Associated CAD Structure Action
Select one of the following options from the drop-down menu:
Build and Publish Later—CAD assemblies can be built and published later.
Build and Publish Now—CAD assemblies are built and published immediately.
Do Not Build—Product structure updates are applied but assemblies are not built.
Exclude from Mass Change—All assemblies built from CAD are not processed.
This action will only be displayed if at least one of the selected objects is a part build from CAD.
A text field allowing you to enter comments that will appear in the Iteration History table to document this insertion.
If some of the selected objects are not eligible, they are ignored, but the processing of the valid objects continues.
If you enter a number that does not correspond to a valid part or you do not have access to it, you receive an error message and are allowed to correct the number and resubmit the operation.
If you enter an invalid quantity or unit, you receive an error message and are allowed to correct the attribute and resubmit the operation.