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Implementation Plan Table
You can add, modify, or remove tasks associated with the change notice. The change notice requires a minimum of one change task for the change notice session to be completed. A default change task is created when the New Change Notice window is launched for the first time. The Implementation Plan table displays the tasks that are required in order to implement the change.
From the Implementation Plan table toolbar, you may have the following actions:
Create task
Opens the New Change Task window. For information, see Creating a Change Task.
Set effectivity
Opens the Set Effectivity window. For more information, see Setting Effectivity.
View effectivity
Opens the View Effectivity window. For more information, see Viewing Effectivity.
To view the information page of a selected object, click the view information icon in the table.
You can perform other actions by selecting a row action on an object in the table.
For information about sequenced implementation plans, see About Sequenced Implementation Plans.