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Adding a New Effectivity Statement
When you add a date effectivity, you can specify an effectivity context, but it is not required. If you add a serial number or lot effectivity, you must specify an effectivity context. Because of this requirement, the Type drop-down list shows only Date initially. To select Lot or Serial Number, you must first click Find to specify the effectivity context.
To add an effectivity, use the following procedure in the Set Effectivity window for the desired object:
1. To add a serial number or lot effectivity, or specify an traceable part for a date effectivity, select the row and click the set effectivity context icon .
To specify a date effectivity without an effectivity context, go to Step 5.
The Find Part window opens.
2. Enter the desired number or name (wildcard characters are allowed) and click Search, or simply click Search to display all traceable parts to which you have access.
3. From the Search Results table displayed, select the desired traceable part and click OK.
The effectivity context now appears on the Set Effectivity window, and the options Serial and Lot are now available from the Effectivity Type drop-down list.
4. Select the desired type (required) and qualifier (optional).
5. Fill in the appropriate effectivity in the field. See Specifying Effectivity Propagation for more information on when and how to specify propagation of effectivities.
6. Click OK. You return to the window from which you launched the Set Effectivity action.