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Specifying Effectivity Propagation
If your site has been configured using the applicable preference, the Specify Propagation window appears when you click the specify propagation icon as a row action on an effectivity-managed object on the Set Effectivity table. To specify propagation, use the following procedure:
1. Click Yes or No to indicate if you want to propagate the specified effectivity through the children of the selected effectivity-managed object.
2. If you selected Yes, you can select the checkbox.
3. Click OK.
Both the propagation specification and the traceable object stoppage values are used when the statement is applied (that is, the change notice is resolved and parts are released). At the time the change notice is resolved and the pending effectivity is applied, these values are used to determine whether the effectivity statement should be propagated down the product structure, and whether the propagation should stop or continue through traceable child objects when propagating.