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Change Status Calculator
The pending change indicator is a status indicator that displays on an object when it is an affected object of a change request or change notice during certain states. The resulting change indicator is a status indicator that displays on an object when it is a resulting object of a change notice is in a certain state. By default, the pending change indicator and the resulting change indicator show up only on affected and resulting objects in the Implementation state. You may, however, want these indicators to display on objects in other states.
There are other pending status indicators, such as for unincorporated changes or variances, to which this utility does not apply.
Using the Change Status Calculator utility allows you to control the display of the indicators. Use the following procedure:
1. Update the following properties (see properties.html for descriptions of these properties):
wt.change2. pendingResultingStates
2. Run the Change Status Calculator from a windchill shell:
windchill wt.change2.ChangeStatusCalculator
parameters include:
Gives you the number of objects that will be updated without actually performing the update.
Updates only the objects where the resulting indicator might have changed. This can be used with the preview option.
Shows the valid usage of the Change Status Calculator.
The following example shows how to display the resulting change indicator on resulting objects when the change notice is in the Under Review or Implementation state.
1. Open (in \<windchill>\codebase\ with a text editor
2. Modify wt.change2.pendingResultingStates
3. Save the file.
4. Open a windchill shell.
5. Run the following:
windchill wt.change2.ChangeStatusCalculator