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Viewing an Annotation
To see the Annotations table relating to your change object, you must customize a tab to appear on the object information page. For more information, see Customizing Information Page Tabs. Select Customize > Related Objects > Annotations.
You must have Read permission to the corresponding target parts of structural annotations in order for them to appear on the Annotations table.
The Annotations table has the following information:
Places a copy of the selected object temporarily on the clipboard where it is available to be saved in a new location using the paste icon.
Refreshes the page.
The icon of the annotation This icon indicates a structural annotation.
The actions that can be performed on the annotation. For example, if the annotation is a structural annotation, you can launch the product structure explorer.
The name of the annotation.
(2D thumbnail)
If a visual annotation, the static 2D thumbnail. The appearance of the thumbnail is controlled by a preference.
The textual description of the annotation.
Created On
The date the annotation was created.
Affected Objects
Affected objects that are identified for the annotation.
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