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Associated Annotations
Annotations are essentially notes or additional information added to an object of structure. Annotations can contain valuable change information.
Annotations are supported for the following change objects:
Problem report
Change request
Change task
All modeled subclasses and soft types of the above objects
The Associated Annotations table is available from two locations:
Under the Details tab on the change object information page.
When creating or editing a change object, right-click the Affected Objects table and select Edit Annotations.
The Associated Annotations table includes the following actions. Most actions are only available when viewing the table from the Edit Annotations window:
Copy the selected annotation to your clipboard.
Paste an annotation currently in your clipboard.
Opens a new window, allowing you to select one or more annotations to paste.
Opens a window from which you can select the annotations from the Related Annotations table to add to the Associated Annotations table.
Remove the annotation.
Refresh the table information.
The Associated Annotations table includes thumbnails and common attributes for the objects. For a list of attributes common among objects, see Object Attributes.