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Mark Working Days
The Mark menu is not enabled until you select a calendar date. If you select a calendar date and the Mark actions are still disabled, this means that administrators at your site have not enabled this functionality.
Only administrators can change the system calendar or the calendars of other users. For more information, see Calendar Administration.
You can designate non-working days on your Windchill calendar to indicate personal vacation days. Company holidays and weekends are designated in the system calendar by the administrator and are displayed on all user calendars.
Mark > Mark as Non-working
To designate nonworking days, highlight the day or days and select Mark > Mark as Non-working.
Mark > Mark as Working
To designate a day from nonworking to working, highlight the day or days and click Mark > Mark as Working.
You can use the Reset action to cancel your changes. A window appears with options that allow you to select whether you want to reset only the selected dates or all future dates. For more information, see Reset Calendar Changes.
To select multiple days at once:
Click and drag across calendar dates
Ctrl+Shift to select a contiguous block of days
Ctrl to select multiple individual days