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Replacing a Serialized Part in a Part Instance
The Replace function is used to replace a child part in an existing parent assembly part instance with an alternate or substitute. The Replace function is only allowed when:
You have modify permission on the parent part instance.
The parent part instance is not incorporated.
The selected part has alternate or substitute parts.
Follow these steps to replace a part in a part instance with an alternate or substitute part:
1. Select the part to be replaced in the Structure tab of the part instance information page.
2. Select Replace from the right mouse button menu.
3. The Replace Part window has two sections, Replace part within and Select replacement. The Replace part within section shows the name of the parent Part Instance and the Base Part from which it was created. The Select replacement section shows the Part to Replace and allows you to select an alternate or substitute part from the Replacement Part drop-down list. Select the desired replacement part from this drop-down list.
The part instance structure is refreshed to reveal the replaced part.
The Replace action may be performed on an nonoccurrence summary row. In this situation a new occurrence is created and the part is replaced in the same operation. The quantity of the nonoccurrence summary row is decreased by one and the new occurrence is displayed in a separate row. If the creation of the new occurrence reduces the nonoccurrence summary row quantity to 0 the summary row disappears.