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Renaming a Part Instance
1. Click Rename from one of the following locations.
The Actions menu on a part instance information page.
The right-click actions menu for a selected part instance in the Updates or Search Results tables.
2. Enter the Serial Number and/or Lot Number in the appropriate fields in the Rename window.
The required fields are determined by default trace code of the base part of the configuration.
3. If desired, search for and select a new Manufacturer ID.
4. Click OK to complete the operation. The part instance information page is refreshed showing the new serial and/or lot number.
The Rename History table keeps a record each time the Rename operation is performed. You can add Rename History to a customized information page tab to see the previous lot and/or serial numbers for the part instance, the user who performed the rename operation, and the date the lot and/or serial number was modified. For more information, see Customizing Information Page Tabs.