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Creating a New Part Instance
A part instance is created from a part configuration or directly from a part. The top part in a part configuration is called the base part. In order to create a part instance the base part must meet the following criteria:
The Default Trace Code is set to a value other than Untraced.
It resides in a product or library context.
It is not a configurable part.
It is not checked out.
You have create permission.
You can create a new part instance from the following locations:
Select New > New Part Instance from the Actions menu on a part information page.
Select New Part Instance from the Actions menu on a part configuration information page.
When the New Part Instance window opens, follow these steps to create a new part instance:
1. The information and data entry fields in the New Part Instance are as follows:
Base Part
The part from which the configuration and instance is created. This field is for information only and may not be edited.
Base Part Version
Select the version of the base part to be used to create the part instance from the drop down list.
Part Configuration
Select the part configuration to use to create the part instance from the drop-down list.
You can create a part instance without first creating a part configuration by selecting the blank choice. The part configuration can be assigned at a later time. Use this technique to reserve part instance serial numbers.
If the part instance is being created from the information page of a part configuration, that configuration appears in the Configuration Name field and cannot be changed.
Select the part instance type from the drop-down list.
The attributes shown in the New Part Instance window will vary depending on the selected type.
Manufacturer ID
Search for and select the globally unique organization identifier that identifies the manufacturer of the part instance.
This attribute can be turned off using a site preference and is labeled Manufacturer CAGE Code when Windchill Aerospace and Defense is installed.
Serial Number
The Attributes section contains the Serial Number field. Enter the serial number that uniquely identifies the part instance.
Your administrator may have defined additional part instance attributes that are unique to your site. Those attributes will also appear in the Attributes section.
2. Click OK to create the new part instance. The new part instance information page is displayed.