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Repopulating a Part Configuration
The repopulate action is used to update an existing part configuration with part versions selected by a modified configuration specification filter. For example, an existing configuration can be modified to use the most recent component designs by repopulating using a configuration specification filter that selects the latest part versions in the released state. Use the following procedure to repopulate a part configuration:
1. Select Repopulate from the Filter action set on the part configuration structure toolbar.
2. In the Repopulate Part Configuration window, click Apply only to unresolved parts to use the configuration specification to select part versions for only those parts where no versions had previously been selected. If this option is not selected, the configuration specification will select qualifying part versions for all parts in the part configuration structure.
3. Define the desired configuration specification filter in the Configuration Specification tab. For more information defining a configuration specification filter, see About Configuration Specifications.
Only the configuration specification filter is used when repopulating a part configuration. Other filters are ignored.
4. Click OK.