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BOM Reports
BOM reports are generated from a filtered single or multiple-level part structure. There are three forms of BOM reports; structured, summarized, and special purpose reports.
Structured Reports
Structured reports show subassemblies and components in an assembly BOM. These types of reports are commonly referred to as an indented BOM or exploded BOM. The standard structured reports are:
Single-level BOM—A report showing the component and subassembly parts used by an assembly.
Multi-level BOM—An indented BOM report showing all sub assemblies and components in a multi-level assembly.
Summarized Reports
Summarized reports are flattened to show the total quantity of a component part within the BOM. This type of report is commonly referred to as a pick list because it can be used to gather the parts required to build an assembly. Pick lists are commonly found in the documentation for products that require customer assembly. The standard summarized reports are:
Single-level consolidated BOM—A summarized list of part and quantities required by a one level part structure.
Multi-level components list—A summarized list of parts with the quantity required for all levels in a multiple level part structure.
Special Purpose Reports
Special purpose reports display associated information for each assembly or component part in the BOM. There are many examples showing data related to the parts in an assembly. The standard special purpose reports are:
Single-level BOM with notes—A structured report showing a single-level part structure with associated design notes. Useful as a reference to non-graphic design information in assembly operations.
Multi-level BOM with replacements—A structured report showing parts that can be used as engineering-approved replacements (alternates and substitutes) for parts specified in a multiple-level part structure.
For more information, see Reports Action Set - Parts.