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Plan Change
A Change Notice is created in response to an approved change request. It is usually authored by a lead engineer or someone responsible for the planning and implementation of the change. The author decides what steps are required to implement the change, what resources to use, and the schedule that must be met. The complexity of the plan depends on the complexity of the change. Minor changes may require that only a few parts or documents be revised. Major changes require the introduction of many new components and assemblies that are used by a large number of products.
The process begins with an email notification of the approval of a change request to the person responsible for change implementation planning. The following illustration shows the basic steps required to plan a change:
Develop Plan
You can create change notices from the information page of an approved change request, automatically linking the change notice to the network of change objects. You can also create a change notice from the information page of the object to be changed. This is done in situations where a the change requires no significant analysis or justification. Important information entered by the planner includes; change notice name, description, complexity, and a date that the change must be completed. Attachments can further describe what must be done. Change activities are created and associated to the change notice.
For more information, see Creating a Change Notice.
Define Activities
The planner creates one or more change activities documenting work tasks, affected data, assigned resources, schedule, and sequencing.
When all the tasks have been defined, the planner completes the change notice. All of the tasks for implementing the change appear in the Implementation Plan tab on the change notice information page. The workflow advances the change notice for plan approval to the person performing the role of Change Administrator II.
For more information, see Creating a Change Task, About Sequenced Implementation Plans, and Change Notice Information Page.
Approve Change Notice
Change Administrator II receives an email notification of a task to approve the plan contained in the change notice. If the plan is simple, the change administrator can approve it, distributing the work tasks to the resources responsible for completion. If the plan is large and complex, the change administrator receives a task to schedule a review by the change implementation board. Your company sets the criteria to determine if the change notice must be reviewed.
The purpose of the change review board meeting is to review the overall plan, the downstream impact on other products, and the disposition of existing inventory. The change plan can be approved, rejected, or sent back for clarification. The decisions from the meeting can be recorded and associated to the change notice as an attachment.