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Reassigning a Task
If a task on your Tasks table should be completed by someone else, use the following procedure to reassign the task.
1. In the Taskstable, select the check box for the task or tasks to be reassigned.
2. Click the reassign icon in the toolbar.
Select Reassign from the Actions list for the work object that you want to reassign.
The Reassign window appears.
3. In the Reassign to drop-down list, select the user to whom the task should be reassigned.
In most cases, the Reassign to field includes the members of the context with which the task is associated.
4. In the Reason for reassignment field, enter information about why you are reassigning the task.
This information will appear in theReassignment History table.
5. Click OK.
The system reassigns the selected task and sends an email notification of the reassignment to the new assignee.