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Task Assistant
Some tasks require navigation away from the task information page to other Windchill pages in order to gather information necessary to complete the task. The Task Assistant can be opened for any task and remains open while you navigate Windchill. You can move the Task Assistant anywhere within the browser page, or minimize it tot he bottom of the page. You can also view or add comments to the task.
The Task Assistant provides information about the task type and contains links to the task information page and the information page for the subject of the task.
To access the Task Assistant, select the Open Task Assistant action from the actions menu for a task in the Tasks table or from a task’s information page.
Click Save to save your updates without closing the Task Assistant. Click Continue Task Completion to save your changes and return to the task’s information page to complete your task. Any comments entered in the Comments field of the Task Assistant appear in the Comments field on the task information page after clicking Save or Continue Task Completion.