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Inserting Parts
When Occurrences are Hidden
When occurrences are hidden in the Assembly Editor pane, parts may be added to product structures by clicking the insert new icon to open a new part creation window or the insert existing icon to search for an existing part in any context for which you have access. Either operation adds the inserted part to the end of part list in the Assembly Editor pane. The add icon is shown in the Markup column.
Parts that have been previously located and added to the system clipboard can be inserted into the product structures using the paste and select parts to paste icons. These added parts are also be marked with the add icon and appear at the bottom of the Assembly Editor pane.
The quantities for any inserted part are initially set to zero. Double-click in the empty cell underneath the desired assembly part and enter the quantity. The modified quantity is displayed as a markup within the edited cell.
When Occurrences are Shown
New or existing parts may not be added when occurrences are shown in the Assembly Editor pane. With occurrences shown, the behavior of the insert existing action is changed to create new part occurrences through the entry of reference designators.
The operation to assign reference designators can also be initiated by selecting a part and selecting Add Reference Designator from the right-click menu.
Select a part and enter a reference designator label in the displayed window. Multiple reference designators may be entered separated by commas (R1, R2, R3) or in ranges (R1 – R3) The quantity of parts used in the assembly is related to the number of occurrences that are labeled with reference designators. If you enter more reference designator names than the total quantity of that part used in the assembly, the quantity is increased to equal the number of occurrences identified by reference designators. Entering fewer reference designators than the quantity of the part used in the assembly means that some of the occurrences do not have reference designator labels. In this situation the quantity of a part is not reduced and the reference designators may be added at a later time. Once occurrences are identified by reference designators you can enter a quantity of 1 in each assembly that uses the occurrence.
An occurrence identified by a reference designator may be used only once within a given assembly. The system allows a quantity of 0 or 1.
You must save changes before occurrences may be hidden. Once occurrences are saved they may only be deleted with occurrences shown.