Data Management Capabilities > Managing Part Structures > Advanced Assembly Editor Overview > Show or Hide Occurrences > Displaying Assembly Editor Columns Vertically or Horizontally
Displaying Assembly Editor Columns Vertically or Horizontally
Some editing situations require that many product structures be edited at the same time. You can fit more assemblies in the Assembly Editor pane in these situations by viewing the column headings vertically. Click the display vertical icon to view all part number column headings vertically, saving left-right space. Click the display horizontal icon to return the column headings to a horizontal display.
You can specify the number of characters to display in both the vertical and horizontal mode in the preference manager by selecting My Settings > Preferences from the Quick Links menu and entering a value for Max Horizontal Characters and Max Vertical Characters in the Advanced Assembly Editor section. The number you enter is the number of characters displayed in the column headings, followed by ellipses. Positioning your cursor over the column headings displays a window showing the full part number plus the organization ID, version, and name.