Data Management Capabilities > Managing Part Structures > Advanced Assembly Editor Overview > Revising an Edited Assembly > Copy Assembly
Copy Assembly
Use the copy assembly action to create a new product variant by copying and editing an existing product structure shown in the Assembly Editor pane.
1. Right-click the assembly column heading and select Copy Assembly from the action menu.
2. The Save As Part window opens allowing the entry of a new product Name, View, and Location.
3. Enter the desired information for the new assembly and click OK.
4. The new product structure displayed in a new column within the Assembly Editor pane.
Continue by modifying the new product structure to reflect modified quantities and added or removed parts in the new product design. The save action persists your changes to Windchill. For additional information, see Saving Changes.
The copy action is also available from the Available Assemblies pane using the right-click menu.