Using the PTC Solution Installer
The PTC Solution Installer (PSI) is a single installation program that installs Windchill solutions. The PSI allows you to select the Windchill products and platform components to install and then prompts you for the information required for your selections. Depending on the complexity of your installation, manual configuration steps may be required to complete your installation.
When running the PSI you will be prompted to enter the following information:
The PTC Solution and optional products you want to install.
The mandatory and optional platform components and features that you want to use.
Additional Windchill configuration or installation information, such as language and administrative settings, installation and staging directories, and database and LDAP settings.
Before launching the PSI, see Before Using the PTC Solution Installer for any pre-installation planning you should complete before installing certain products as well the appropriate permissions, directory and LDAP settings and security restrictions that you should be aware of before continuing.
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