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3D Button
We recommend using a 3D Press Button in place of the 3D Button, as the 3D Button widget will be deprecated in a future release. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
In May, the 3D Button widget will no longer available for new projects. This will not immediately affect existing projects that contain 3D Button widgets, and you will still be able to edit and re-publish projects that contain them.
Then, at a later date (TBD), all existing 3D Buttons will be transitioned to 3D Press Buttons. More information on this transition will be forthcoming.
What Does This Widget Do?
The 3D Button widget allows you to utilize fully articulated hand tracking on a HoloLens 2. You can also Gaze and Air tap a 3D Button if using a HoloLens.
When Should I Use This Widget?
A 3D button is particularly useful when creating an experience that will be viewed on a HoloLens 2 and you want to utilize articulated hand tracking. However, the 3D Button can be used for any user actions similar to the 3D Label and 3D Image widgets.
Are There Any Special Properties, Services, Events, or Actions?
To view a list of common widget properties, services, and events, see Common Widget Properties, Services, and Events.
The following table is a list of properties that are specific to this widget.
Resource being used for the 3D button. To include an image, you can do one of the following:
Click next to the field to add a new image file.
Enter or copy and paste an image URL directly into the field.
Select an image from the drop-down menu.
Height of the 3D button in meters. The minimum value is 4 cm.
Width of the 3D button in meters. The minimum value is 4 cm.
Font Color
Color of the font. Select a color from the color picker.
Button Color
Color of the button. Select a color from the color picker.
The Widget in Action
Here’s an example of what your widget might look like!
Minimum Steps Required for Use
What It Looks Like
1. Drag and drop a 3D Button widget onto the canvas.
2. Enter the text you want displayed in the Text field or bind a data property to the Text field of the widget.