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Area Target Troubleshooting and Additional Resources
The following sections provide troubleshooting and additional resources when working with Area Targets.
Error When Uploading .zip File in Vuforia Studio
My .zip file won’t upload in Vuforia Studio and I get the following error:
Make sure that you’ve only included the individual files in your .zip file and not the entire folder. Your .zip should look like this:
I Ran Out of Area Targets
When I signed up for my Vuforia Engine Developer Account, I got 20 Area Targets, but now I’m out.
As a Vuforia Studio user, you have unlimited Area Targets, but your initial Vuforia Engine Developer account is equipped with 20 to start. You will need to open a Technical Support case to generate more than 20 Area Targets.
My Area Target Isn’t Tracking Correctly
My Area Target isn’t tracking very well.
Here are a few things you can do to improve tracking with your Area Target:
Avoid plain colored surfaces and highly transparent or reflective objects (for example, an all-white desk). If possible, use surfaces or areas with saliency, interesting features, and texture.
A well lit area will perform better.
Step a bit away from the scene and get more visual features in view to achieve first recognition and/or resume accurate tracking faster.
Additional Resources
Provides information about installing the tool, navigating the user interface, and working with output files.
Provides the following information:
Setting up a Matterport account
Overview of the equipment
Preparing the camera and environment
Uploading a scan
Provides information about choosing environments for Area Targets and scanning best practices.
Provides information about using the Area Targets Test app to try out your scanned environment before including it in your experience.