View or Share a Procedure > Navigate a Procedure in Vuforia Vantage
Navigate a Procedure in Vuforia Vantage
Procedure Home Page
Upon opening a procedure, you’re presented with a procedure home page.
From the home page, you can do the following:
—Scan the QR code
Displays a QR code that you can scan with Vuforia View from a supported eyewear device.
—Download the procedure
Downloads the procedure to your device and is available from the Downloads tab.
—Mark as a favorite
If marked as a favorite, the procedure is saved to the Favorites tab.
Preview the procedure without logging the session in Vuforia Insights.
Starts the procedure session. Once completed and submitted, the session is logged in Vuforia Insights.
Brings you back to the page or tab from which you accessed the procedure.
Moving Through the Procedure
After you tap START PROCEDURE or PREVIEW, you’re taken to the first step of the procedure. From here, you can move through the procedure using one of the following ways:
Step Arrows
Step List
Tap the arrows to move forward or backwards through the procedure.
Tap on the step list icon () from a step to access the Step List.
From the Step List, you can tap on any step to jump to that step in the procedure.
You can also delete or complete the session in progress by tapping on the ellipsis next to SAVE & EXIT:
For information about entering feedback in procedures, see Vuforia Vantage Step Feedback and Serial ID Logging.
Once you’ve completed the procedure, you’re presented with a Submission Review.