Create and Edit Procedures with Vuforia Editor > Versions and History > Asset Deletion
Asset Deletion
Once an asset is added to a procedure, it will always be included in microversions of the procedure’s version history
Once an asset is permanently deleted, the procedure can still be restored to that moment in time from the VERSIONS AND HISTORY table, but it will no longer contain the asset.
To help maintain the history and integrity of procedures, only administrators are allowed to permanently delete assets from the system, which includes the asset library and from any procedures or microversions.
Delete Privileges
Authors and Managers
Authors and managers can delete assets that they have created from the asset library. This does not remove the asset from any published procedures or procedure microversions. However, once an asset has been deleted from an asset library, it cannot be restored.
Assets that were both created and deleted by the administrator are not shown in the Deleted assets page; they are permanently deleted from the organization.
Administrators can delete any asset in their organization. A Deleted assets tab is visible to administrators only. The Deleted assets page contains assets that have been removed from the asset library by other members of their organization.
Assets in the Deleted assets section have two actions available from the menu:
Details— displays information about who added the asset and when
Delete from all procedures— deletes the asset from all procedures that use it (procedures must be unpublished before the asset can be deleted)
Administrators cannot restore deleted assets that appear in Deleted assets.
Deleting Assets Currently Used in Procedures (Administrators only)
If an administrator attempts to delete an asset that has been used in a procedure (published or unpublished) they are prompted with the following options:
Delete from asset library— the asset is removed from the asset library for all authors and managers, and is only displayed in the Deleted Assets section. The asset will not be removed from procedures that it’s used in.
Delete from asset library and the procedures listed below— all published procedures that contain the asset must be unpublished before the Delete button is enabled. Once the procedures have been unpublished and the asset is deleted, the asset is removed from all procedures and the asset library.