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Folder and Subfolder Actions
The following actions are available from the folder menu:
Allows you to view the following information about a folder:
Name—name of the folder
Type—type of object it is
Created by—user created the folder and the date/time it was created
Last modified by—user that last modified the folder and the date/time it was last modified
Description—folder description
Location—location of the folder
Allows you to rename the folder.
This action only appears for parent folders, not subfolders.
Set share permissions for the folders and subfolders within the folder. For more information, see Manage Folder Permissions.
Permanently deletes the folder.
You can only delete empty folders. If the folder contains content, you’ll need to either move the content to the Assets Library, or delete it.
Keep the following in mind:
Folders can only be deleted by the user who created it or by an administrator.
Only the creator of a parent folder or an administrator can delete subfolders.