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Vuforia Editor
What is Vuforia Editor?
There are two solutions available for Vuforia Editor:
Vuforia Instruct
Vuforia Expert Capture
Both solutions use Vuforia Editor allowing you to quickly create and enhance work instruction procedures.
Vuforia Instruct let’s you include 3D models in your procedures, and Vuforia Expert Capture let’s you include Captures taken with Vuforia Capture in your procedures.
You can include text, images, videos in all procedures regardless of which solutions your company has purchased.
The procedures can then be published to our SaaS-hosted environment where they can be viewed on supported mobile, eyewear devices, and via Web. Or, you can export your procedure to a Microsoft Word document. For more information about working with Vuforia Editor, see Create and Edit Procedures with Vuforia Editor.
Supported Browsers
Vuforia Editor is supported on the following web browsers:
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge