Use Live Annotations
Use Live Annotations
Before annotations are available in a Chalk session, Chalk needs to successfully create a map of your environment; this mapping allows annotations to stick to the environment. Live annotations also depend on the device being used to share its view, so it’s important that the device is officially supported with Chalk.
Unsupported devices have not been tested or verified for the computer vision-based tracking Chalk uses. Some devices may also not have the required hardware to allow for AR capabilities (for example, a gyroscope or not enough memory/CPU power). If paired with a supported device, unsupported devices will still be able to draw annotations when not sharing their view.
If you are using Chalk for Desktop, the other person you are Chalking with must be using a supported device.
Below are a few things that you can do to make sure you have the best and most successful Chalk session while using live annotations.
Use Supported Devices
Help Chalk Learn Your Environment
Chalk Mark Best Practices