Start or Join a Chalk Session > Mobile App Settings
Mobile App Settings
The following actions and information are accessible from the Settings tab in the Vuforia Chalk mobile app.
My Account
Displays the following non-editable information:
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
The following actions are available:
Change Password
Log Out
The following information is available:
Frequently Asked Questions—Displays the Vuforia Chalk Mobile App Help Center.
Contact Company Admin—Opens an email addressed to your company administrator.
Provides access to the following:
Visit our Website—Brings you to more information about Vuforia Chalk on the website.
Terms of Service—Opens the Vuforia Chalk Terms of Use PDF.
Copyright Notices—Opens the Vuforia Chalk copyright notices PDF.
Privacy Policy—Brings you to the PTC Privacy Policy page.
Network Test
Allows you to run network connectivity tests to ensure a successful session.
Session Mode
You can select the mode your sessions will be in. Based on your device, a recommendation appears next to the mode you should use.
Static Image Annotations—enables the ability to create and send image annotations. This is recommended when using a device that is not supported and cannot use live annotations.
Live AR Annotations—allows supported devices to use live annotations during the session.
Demo Session
Allows you to start a demo session without the need to invite actual users.