Welcome to the Vuforia Chalk Mobile App Help Center
Welcome to the Vuforia Chalk Mobile App Help Center
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This help center provides information about using Vuforia Chalk on your mobile device.
If you want to view the full Vuforia Chalk product help center, see the Vuforia Chalk Help Center.
What’s New in Chalk 3.3.0
A 3.3.0 version of Chalk was not released for iOS devices.
Enabled Google ARCore support to expand Android device support
Not all ARCore devices may work. To see if your device is now compatible with Chalk, you may need to override the Session Mode setting in your Chalk settings by changing it from Audio-Vidio Only to Audio-Vidio With Live Annotations.
Added support for the following Android devices:
Samsung Galaxy A70
Samsung Galaxy A50
Samsung Galaxy A40
Bug fixes and minor improvements
About Vuforia Chalk
Vuforia Chalk makes it easy to help anyone, from anywhere, when you can’t be together. Share a live view of a problem and draw Chalk marks on the screen to show the other person what you’re talking about.
For more about Chalk, watch the Chalk Introduction video series.
Due to COVID-19, PTC is offering Vuforia Chalk business licenses for free through August 31st, 2020. If interested, have one person from your company fill out a request form.
We want your feedback
As you use this help center, we’re interested in your feedback regarding our documentation. If you have suggestions or comments, please contact us at documentation@ptc.com.
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