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Descriptive Analytics
What is Descriptive Analytics?
Descriptive Analytics includes two microservers: StatisticalCalculation and StatisticalMonitoring. Together, they provide a library of on-demand services that perform common statistical calculations and facilitate statistical monitoring on raw data. Descriptive Analytics is not required to generate prediction models, but output from these services can provide insights that improve your understanding of your data.
When using the ThingWorx platform to build an IoT solution, output from Descriptive Analytics services can be added quickly and easily to an application, without the need for additional coding. This output can be used to build solution-specific visualizations (mashups or widgets), create alerts based on logged property values, or generate transformed data for machine learning processes. For some specific scenarios, see Scenarios for Use.
Descriptive analytic services can handle data that is either imported or streaming from a live signal.
StatisticalCalculation Microserver
The StatisticalCalculation Microserver contains a library of computational services that perform the following types of common statistical calculations and frequency transformations on raw data:
Mean / Standard Deviation / Range
Median / Minimum / Maximum / Mode
Five Number
Data Distribution
Confidence Interval
Fast Fourier Transform
Sampling Frequency
For more information about each of these services, see StatisticalCalculation Microserver
StatisticalMonitoring Microserver
The StatisticalMonitoring Microserver contains a library of services that calculate statistical control criteria on a stream of data. These services, based on statistical process control rules, can help you monitor for the following types of behavior in a data stream:
Continuous points above or below a threshold
Continuous points that are inside or outside of a range
Increasing or decreasing trends
Alternating directions
Rate of change
Rate of change that is inside or outside of a range
For more information about each of these services, see StatisticalMonitoring Microserver
How to Access Descriptive Analytics Functionality
When Descriptive Analytics microservers are installed, their services can be accessed through the ThingWorx Composer. By attaching one of the following ThingShapes to a Thing in ThingWorx Composer, the Thing will be able to access all of the available descriptive analytic services:
For more information about implementing descriptive analytics service calls, see Preparing to Use the Services.
Requires installation of Platform Analytics and ThingWorx Foundation.
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