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Preparing to Use the Services
Services in the Descriptive Analytics microservers can be called for different purposes and their output used in a variety of ways. However, certain basic requirements must be met regardless of how the services are being used. To prepare for using the services in either the StatisticalCalculationMicroserver or the StatisticalMonitoringMicroserver, ensure the following conditions are met.
ThingWorx Composer is installed and running.
If the following items don’t already exist in your ThingWorx Composer, create them:
A Value Stream to store data from logged properties.
A Thing with one or more properties that have logging enabled. Each property must contain a set of historical data, either imported (such as CSV data) or streaming (such as live signal data).
Configure the Thing to use Descriptive Analytics microserver services as follows:
Navigate to the General Information tab and attach a ThingShape by selecting it in the Implemented Shapes field. Available ThingShapes include: StatisticalMonitoringThingShape and StatisticalCalculationThingShape.
On the General Information tab, select a Value Stream in the Value Stream field.
Your Thing is now ready to call Descriptive Analytics microserver services in any way that fits the needs of your solution. For an explanation of how to use chaining to execute these service calls in your code, see Implementing Service Calls. For an example of one usage scenario, see Using the Sample Mashup.
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