Purge Orphaned Flink Jobs
On occasion, the jobs running inside the Flink engine can become out-of-sync with the property transforms defined in ThingWorx. This situation can occur when a transformed property, or the Thing it belongs to, is updated or deleted from ThingWorx while Platform Analytics is not running and therefore is not aware of the change. It can also happen when the ThingWorxStorage directory is deleted, which deletes all of the transformed properties. The next time Platform Analytics starts, Flink restarts the orphaned jobs that are no longer associated with the transformed property they originally belonged to.
If this situation occurs, follow the steps below to purge the system of the orphaned Flink jobs:
1. Stop both Platform Analytics and ThingWorx servers.
2. Navigate to the Platform Analytics installation directory and delete the map.db file.
Linux: /opt/ThingWorxAnalytics/PlatformAnalytics/workdir/map.db
Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\ThingWorxAnalytics\PlatformAnalytics\workdir\map.db
3. Restart the ThingWorx server.
4. Restart Platform Analytics.
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