Property Transforms
Property Transforms
The Property Transform microserver provides a set of transformation services that can derive value from streaming data as it enters ThingWorx. These services automate certain analytic computations as well as some general purpose IoT transformations. In ThingWorx Composer, they can be added quickly and easily to a numeric source property associated with a Thing, Thing Template, or Thing Shape.
Property transforms can be used to automate simple data transformations just by configuring a new property. No services, events, or subscriptions need to be written. Property transforms can also be used to prepare data from connected assets for predictive analytics or to monitor the statistical transformation of a property for specific behavior.
Creating a property transform involves configuring parameters that define certain aspects of the transformation, including which source property to apply the transformation to, how often to transform incoming data, and how much data to collect. The property transform derives computational value from the source property according to the configured property definition.
The Property Transform microserver contains a library of computational services that perform the following types of transformations on streaming data:
Calculate the maximum property value in the collected data.
Calculate the mean property value in the collected data.
Calculate the median property value in the collected data.
Calculate the minimum property value in the collected data.
Calculates the property value that occurs most frequently in the collected data.
Standard Deviation
Calculates the standard deviation across the collected data.
Calculate the range of property values in the collected data, from the maximum to the minimum.
Available only from release 8.4.4 onward.
Threshold Count
Counts the number of values above or below a specified threshold.
Range Count
Counts the number of values within or outside of a specified range.
Trend Count
Counts the number of values that are increasing, decreasing, or alternating up and down.
The following video demonstrates how to define a Property Transform in ThingWorx Composer.
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