Scale the number of Property Transforms
The default number of property transformations your system can handle depends on the number of task slots configured in the Apache Flink install directory. To run more than the default number of property transforms, edit the Flink configuration to scale up the number of task slots. You might also want to increase the allocation of memory to your Task Manager.
1. Open the Windows PowerShell, or the Command Prompt window, in Administrator mode.
2. Navigate to the flink-conf.yaml file in the Platform Analytics installation directory.
For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\ThingWorxAnalytics\PlatformAnalytics\flink-1.4.0\conf\flink-conf.yaml
If your installation directory is different, for example because you’ve upgraded from a previous release, adjust your navigation accordingly. For more information, see Upgrade from an Earlier Version.
3. Update the following parameters in the yaml file:
taskmanager.numberOfTaskSlots: <number of task slots>
taskmanager.heap.mb: <MB of memory>
If you use this procedure to increase the number of task slots, you might also need to scale up the number of files your twpas-flink-service can handle. For information about increasing the number of files the service can handle, see Article CS320643. For help determining if your environment requires an increase, see the Property Transform Sizing Guide.
For additional information about when to use Property Transforms, see the PTC Community article: Descriptive Services or Property Transforms, which approach to use?
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