Products Required for the Integration
FactoryTalk Analytics DataFlowML 3.0
FactoryTalk Analytics Security Provider 3.0
ThingWorx 8.5
ThingWorx Analytics Server 8.5
ThingWorx Analytics Extension 8.5
In ThingWorx Analytics 8.5.0 or later, the integration with FactoryTalk Analytics is built into the native capabilities of DataFlowML. This integration allows access to the automated machine learning functionality directly through the API layer. For information about using these capabilities, consult the documentation for DataFlowML 3.0 or later.
Installation Steps
The following tasks represent a high-level overview of the installation process. For more detail about each task, follow the links.
1. Install ThingWorx – See Installing ThingWorx in the ThingWorx Help Center.
When the ThingWorx installation is complete, log into ThingWorx and create a new AppKey. This AppKey is required during installation of ThingWorx Analytics. For instructions, see Application Keys in the ThingWorx Help Center
2. Install the ThingWorx Analytics Server and Analytics Extension – See ThingWorx Analytics Installation in the ThingWorx Analytics Help Center. Make sure the Analytics Extension component is selected during the installation procedure. It will be imported into ThingWorx during installation.
During installation, you must enable the Use SSL for Analytics Microservices option during installation.
3. Install FactoryTalk Analytics Security Provider – See the FactoryTalk Analytics DataFlowML Installation Guide, version 3.0.
The Security Provider installation is covered in the same guide as the DataFlowML installation.
4. Install FactoryTalk Analytics DataFlowML – See the FactoryTalk Analytics DataFlowML Installation Guide, version 3.0.
5. Download the custom processors – The custom components needed for this integration are contained in a single JAR file. Before you can use the custom processors in a DataFlowML pipeline, download the JAR file to a directory where you can access them later.
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