FactoryTalk Analytics Integration
FactoryTalk Analytics Integration
Building solutions that generate analytic insights from data requires a number of capabilities including data preparation, application of advanced logic, and orchestration of data pipelines. The combined capabilities of FactoryTalk Analytics DataFlowML and ThingWorx Analytics provide the tools required to build solutions that can create analytic insights from data. DataFlowML supports the creation of data pipelines that can be used to prepare data and orchestrate analytic insights in a production environment. ThingWorx Analytics supports automated machine learning to provide diagnostic analytics, predictive model training, and predictive model scoring.
Integration with ThingWorx Analytics Server
This guide describes the integration between FactoryTalk Analytics and ThingWorx Analytics. For information about the custom processors that provide the functionality for this integration, start with the Solution Overview in this guide.
In ThingWorx Analytics 8.5 and later, the integration with FactoryTalk Analytics is built into the native capabilities of DataFlowML. When you have installed ThingWorx Analytics Server, the DataFlowML product can accesses the automated machine learning functionality directly through the API layer. For information about using these capabilities, consult the documentation for DataFlowML 3.0 or later.
Note that ThingWorx Analytics Server must be installed with SSL protection enabled for the internal APIs. For more information about available SSL protection, see SSL Authentication Support in the Security Considerations section.
Compatibility Matrix
ThingWorx Analytics Server Version
Compatible with FactoryTalk Analytics Version
8.5 or later
3.0 or later
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