Set Design Time Permissions
Use the AddAnalyticsManagerPermissions service under the TW.AnalysisServices.UtilityServicesAPI resource to set the design time permissions for things, thing templates, thing shapes, and data shapes to the TW.AnalyticsManager.Admin user group automatically.
The following table provides information about the required permissions and purpose for each entity:
Create and read permissions
Create analysis providers and analysis connectors in Analytics Manager.
Thing Templates
Create and read permissions
Create thing templates for use with Analytics Manager.
Thing Shapes
Create and read permissions
Create thing shapes for use with Analytics Manager.
Data Shapes
Create, read, and update permissions
Create data shapes for analysis models in Analytics Manager.
If you have run the TW_ML_Configuration.setConfiguration service in ThingWorx Composer, the design time permissions are automatically set for Analytics Manager. In that case, you do not need to run the AddAnalyticsManagerPermissions service.
Complete the following steps to invoke the AddAnalyticsManagerPermissions service:
1. In ThingWorx Composer, click in the left navigation panel.
2. In the left panel, choose SYSTEM > Resources.
The Resources panel is displayed on the right.
3. In the list of resources, search for the TW.AnalysisServices.UtilityServicesAPI resource.
4. Select the check box next to the resource, and click View.
5. Navigate to Services, and click in the Execute column for the AddAnalyticsManagerPermissions service.
6. There are no inputs required for this service, so click Execute to launch the configuration service.
All permissions are configured and a Permissions added successfully! message is displayed in the Output pane.
7. Click Done.
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