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Download the Software Package
1. Log into the PTC Support Site.
2. Select the Download Software option.
The Order or Download Software Updates page opens.
3. Click the first subheading, Order or Download Software Updates. Enter your Customer Name and Customer Number and click Next.
The PTC Software Download page opens.
4. Under Step 1: Select the Product Family, scroll to ThingWorx Analytics and select it.
5. Under Step 2: Choose Release & Download, navigate to the download links by expanding each of the following successive options:
Release <n.n>
ThingWorx Analytics
Most Recent Datecode
6. Next to ThingWorx-Analytics-Extensions-<n-n>, click HTTPS or Download Manager to download the zip file containing all of the software, extension, and documentation files.
7. Extract the contents of the zip file to view the contents. The following image shows the contents of the zip file that you extracted. The files are described in the table below.
File Name
This folder contains the following tools for use with Analytics Manager:
.NET SDK source sample zip
Java SDK
Java SDK source sample zip
Excel agent installer
This folder contains sample CSV data files and JSON metadata files.
This file contains the PTC End User License Agreement.
An installable zip file that contains all of the files necessary to import the following components into ThingWorx:
Analytics Builder extension
Analytics Manager extension
Do not manually extract the contents of this zip file. It is an installable zip file that will be imported as is into ThingWorx.
This document describes what the software package includes.
8. Continue with Import the Extension.
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