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Working with Predictive Scoring
The Predictive Scoring List
The Analytics Builder provides a Predictive Scoring list page where all of the predictive scoring jobs that have been run against a specific model are listed. The list includes the following information for each scoring job:
Column Name
Scoring Name
The name assigned to a specific scoring job.
The current status of the scoring job. When you first run the scoring job, the state is "Queued" and then "Running." When the scoring job is completed, the state changes to "Completed." If the job fails, the state will show “Failed.”
Download Results
Click the Download link to download the results of a predictive scoring job to a CSV file.
Number of Records Scored
Indicates the number of records that were included in the scoring job.
A filter that was applied when the scoring job was created. All jobs must have at least the default all_data filter applied.
Causal Technique
The technique that will be used to measure the influence of each feature, on the goal, in a scored record.
Number of Important Fields
The number of important features that were returned in the predictive scoring job..
Identifier Fields
Any additional features that were selected for inclusion in the scoring job to help identify which row of data a score applies to.
In previous versions of ThingWorx Analytics, every dataset included a unique ID and an entry date/time stamp that was applied to each row of data. In the current Data Microservice, this requirement has been removed and users have more flexibility in naming these identifiers. Including these identifier fields in predictive scoring can help in correlating scores with rows of data.
Create Date
The date on which the scoring job was created.
Scoring Job Options
To create a new predictive scoring job, click New and follow the steps in Create a New Predictive Scoring Job.
To work with an existing scoring job, select it in the predictive scoring jobs list and use one of the following options:
Delete – Removes the selected scoring job.
Job Details – Displays run time information for the scoring job.
Refresh – Refreshes the information displayed on the Predictive Scoring page.
Prev/Next – Pages back or forward through the list of scoring jobs when the list is too long to display all at once.
Filtering the Scoring Jobs List
To filter the list of scoring jobs displayed in the chart, click Add Filter and select from the list of columns (example: "Goals"). Then identify the conditions for filtering the column (example: Contains "Pump"). Click Save (only scoring jobs with "Pump" included in the Goals column will be displayed).
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