Exclude Features from a New Model
During model training, you might decide that certain data features (or fields) in the dataset are not useful to include. For example, perhaps geographic information has no influence on the goal variable and is not necessary to include in the new model. In the Analytics Builder, you can opt to exclude those features from the dataset when you create the new model. In contrast to filtering, excluding features does not filter out any rows from your data. It removes the same features of information from every row in the dataset.
To exclude features:
1. Navigate to the Exclude Features from Model field as follows:
From the top of the Models list page, click New.
The New Predictive Model dialog box opens.
Click on the Data Selection tab. (For more information, see Creating New Predictive Models.)
2. On the right side of the dialog box, above the Exclude Features from Model field, click the Exclude Features button.
The Exclude These Features from This Model dialog box opens.
3. In the Features list on the left, select a feature to be excluded and click the Add button in the middle.
The selected feature is moved into the field on the right for exclusion from the model.
4. Repeat the feature selection step until all of the features you want to exclude are listed in the field on the right.
5. If you change your mind about a feature you selected for exclusion, select it in the field on the right and click Remove.
6. When the exclusion list is complete, click Select to save the list of excluded features.
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