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Getting Started with Analytics Manager
To get started, the Analytics Manager application and related analysis tools must be installed and configured. The overall process for installation is to:
1. Install the ThingWorx Analytics extension.
2. Create an analysis provider for every analysis tool that you want to use.
3. Set up the analysis tools by installing the Analytics Manager agent and configuring connection to the ThingWorx server.
For more information about the installation process, refer to ThingWorx Analytics Extension Installation.
The Analytics Manager main mashup provides access to manage the functionality of the application. From Analytics Manager, you can manage analysis providers, analysis models, analysis jobs, and analysis events. To access the Analytics Manager main mashup, you must be a part of the TW.AnalysisServices.Admin group and the TW.AnalysisServices.AnalysisServicesOrgUnit organization (if organizational visibility is enabled).
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