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InfluxDB Server High Availability
InfluxDB is an optional persistence provider for managing time series data stored in Streams and Value Streams. The enterprise version of InfluxDB supports clustering of InfluxDB data and meta nodes.
Meta nodes hold all of the following meta data:
All nodes in the cluster and their role
All databases and retention policies that exist in the cluster
All shards and shard groups, and on what nodes they exist
Cluster users and their permissions
All continuous queries
Data nodes hold all of the raw time series data and metadata, including:
Tag keys and values
Field keys and values
For InfluxDB clustering, you’ll need to choose how many data nodes, and how many meta nodes, to cluster. There are many factors which can be used to determine the numbers of each type of node. Influx recommends that meta nods should be scaled in odd numbers according to the degree of failure tolerance your system can accept, with three meta nodes being the optimal number for most use cases. Data nodes should be scaled according to your storage and query needs.
Influx provide detailed documentation on their clustering here:
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