Selecting a Data Store
Refer to the data store specific sections for details on specific data stores. In summary:
H2: Non-production, single server deployments for evaluation or demo purposes
PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server: Either can be used in production. The primary discriminator is the comfort factor of the operating IT professionals within your organization. In addition:
PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server are enterprise-grade production databases with wide industry adoption.
PostgreSQL is the most widely used with ThingWorx, and can be considered the most mature due to the large ThingWorx user base and length of existence.
While PostgreSQL is open source, PTC has documented most installation and configuration steps that are necessary to use with ThingWorx. See Using PostgreSQL as your Persistence Provider .
The commercial data store option, MSSQL Server, assumes that the user is familiar with capacity planning, installation, and configuration of this data store and meet their licensing requirements.
PTC does not ship the JDBC drivers required to operate with MS SQL Server due to licensing restrictions. You are expected to acquire these drivers from the vendor.
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