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Setting Conditions between Two Actions
ThingWorx Flow allows you to set conditions between two actions of your workflow. Using this functionality, you can define one or more custom conditions between two actions. The workflow proceeds to the next action only if the specified conditions are met.
To set conditions, between two actions, complete the following steps:
1. Click the line between the two actions, and click . The Condition window opens.
2. Click Condition, and enter the following details:
a. Input—Input for which you want to apply the condition. Here, you can map the output of the previous action.
b. Condition—Select the conditional operator that you wish to apply on the specified input data.
c. Expected—Output value that you want to check against the specified input.
3. Click AND if you want to specify a number of interrelated conditions. When all the conditions specified with AND operator return true, then workflow execution continues. If any of the conditions return false, the workflow execution stops immediately.
Click to delete a specific condition, or click to delete a group of AND conditions.
4. Click OR if you want to specify a number of independent conditions. When any of the conditions specified with OR operator return true, then the workflow ignores the rest of the conditions and continues with the execution. If none of the conditions return true, then the workflow execution is terminated.
You cannot add multiple OR conditions inside a group.
Click to delete a specific OR condition.
5. Click Done.
The following video demonstrates how to set conditions between actions in a workflow.
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