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Adding a New Locale to ThingWorx Flow
Ensure that you have created the locale in ThingWorx.
Complete the following steps to add a new locale to ThingWorx Flow:
1. Under your ThingWorx Flow installation directory at \ThingWorxOrchestration\modules\static-ux\locales, create a folder with your locale ID.
2. Create the following JSON files under your locale folder:
It is recommended that you use the en locale files as a template, and edit those files accordingly. This ensures that you have English values as a fallback option.
3. Under \ThingWorxOrchestration\modules\db_seed, edit the localizations.json file, and add the following localization tokens:
"namespace": <Connector Configuration Value>,
"locale": <Locale ID>,
"token": <Source Code Key (Do Not Change)>,
"value": <Translated Value>,
Connector configuration values for third-party services is available here.
For example, if you want to add the localized token of “Download a specific file” for Google Drive in the “he” locale, add the following lines of code:
"namespace": "google_drive",
"locale": he,
"token": gd_1_usage_html,
"value": <Translated Value>,
For any value, do not change the original value of the token parameter.
4. After you add all the required tokens to the localizations.json file, save the file.
5. Navigate to \ThingWorxOrchestration\modules\db_seed, start Command Prompt, and run the following command to set the new tokens in the database:
node migrate_collection.js -u <ThingWorx Flow Database User> -p <ThingWorx Flow Database Password>
6. Refresh your browser.
The new locale is available in ThingWorx Flow.
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