RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML) is a YAML-based language that describes RESTful APIs. RAML also provides facilities to extensively document a RESTful API, enable documentation generator tools to extract the user documentation, and then translate it to visual formats such as PDF, HTML, and so on.
Use the RAML action to access APIs and make API calls to services for which APIs are built using RAML. The RAML action supports RAML specification version 0.8.
Complete the following steps to use the RAML action in your workflow:
1. Click and drag the RAML action listed under API Design on the canvas, place the pointer on the action, and then click or double-click the action. The RAML window opens.
2. Edit the Label, if needed. By default, the label name is the same as the action name.
3. In the Root file URL field, enter the URL to fetch the zip file that contains the root RAML file and its dependencies.
4. In the Root file name field, enter the name of the RAML root file that you want to fetch.
5. Click Fetch to fetch all APIs that are defined in the RAML file.
The API request list provides a list of APIs that are defined in the RAML file.
6. In the API request list, select an API.
Depending on the API that you select, you might have to provide additional details.
7. Click Done.
Output schema
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