System Requirements
System Requirements
Release Advisor
Release Advisor is the primary source for system requirements and compatibility information for all PTC products. When you want to review a release matrix for a current PTC product, or are ready to upgrade to a new version of a PTC product, the Release Advisor can help guide you to the information you need.
To find system requirements or compatibility information:
1. Log into the Release Advisor.
2. In the Product Family field on the Primary Product page, select ThingWorx. Then select the Product and Version that you want to view or upgrade to. Click Add.
3. Click Next.
At this point, you can click on a link to view a complete release matrix for any selected PTC product.
4. To find specific upgrade information, continue through the advisor adding any of the following information. Click Next to move through the pages.
Additional PTC products that you currently use
Databases you currently use
Operating systems you currently use
Additional recommended products that you are interested in
5. Release Advisor generates a compatibility report with suggested upgrades. You can also click on a link for individual products to view a complete release matrix for that product.
You can click on the link to view the release matrix from any page in Release Advisor.
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